Tour Talk

Talk about seeing Alter Bridge live.



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Coolio Englesias's picture

I'm a guitarist who studied with Joe Satriani... I just discovered Alter Bridge and have to say they are one of the best hard rock bands I've heard in many years... These guys are the real deal. AWESOME!

Greg Kurtz of

Ryan_Ethier's picture

Blackbird has got to be the most underrated album of recent times.... It's vibrant, political, and emotional all in one. I wish I could chat with Miles regarding his lyrical motivation

des's picture

THANK YOU for the BEST Christmas present EVER! 

Finally got to see you guys Dec 14 at the Paramount in Denver, and you were every bit as in-fucking-credible as I knew you would be! 

I've always been too broke or too busy at work to catch any of your previous visits to Colorado but I was determined this time, bills be damned. There's no doubt in my mind you are the greatest band EVER with more talent in your toe nails than any band that has come before or will come after. 

I'm not religious in the least but you make me believe. No way you're from this shitty world. 

I don't know if you guys look at these comments, or can respond, but  I'm curious about the song title, Words Darker Than Their Wings. I find that song particularly uplifting and listen to it often when this world gets me down.  So....what gives?