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Talk about seeing Alter Bridge live.



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marblmm's picture

Hi guys! We went to Bilbao last year and this year we're repeating in Madrid, next October 27th, so we are really excited counting down the days now, but we miss "buried alive" in your recent setlists, and we would like to know if there is a chance for it soon. Thanks! 

brenner.daniel's picture

Hey guys,

I can't wait till sunday. I am so looking forward to seeing your show in Hannover, especially since I missed your shows in Frankfurt  and Cologne last year due to some annoying illness. Even more because you played My Champion and Show me a Leader in Cologne, two of my now all time favorite tracks.

Since you've not been comming back to Frankfurt or Cologne this year, I have to go to Hannover. And I would realy like to experience some of the new tracks there live (for me Last Hero really is your best album, even if anybody else says it's Blackbird). For nearly a year I've been imagining how fucking awesome This Side of Fate, Cradle to the Grave and Twilight would sound live with hundreds of voices singing along the chorus. Please, put them on the setlist. That would be so great.

Best would be anyway to extend the setlist for another 30 Minutes or more ;) I can sing along wih you guys till dawn.


Daniel from Frankfurt

mark65b's picture

Hi Myles, Mark, Brian and Scott!

I saw you in Stuttgart yesterday and I was flashed to see how much fun, motivation and professionalism you guys show on stage wich such a small crowd in front of you!! You gave me the feeling that you don't care about the numbers of fans you play for and I want to thank you for this once in a lifetime experience!

It was an awesome night, perfect show and and.... Simply spoken, a kick ass gig!!

Hope I can share this once more, keep on rocking!


Kayla_Aya_Halley's picture

Have not seen  you  live yet, I am from Australia, I I just wanted to reach out and say your song My Champion helped me through a very dark time in my life, a time where I was vulnerable to doing something very stupid to myself, thank you