The day is finally here - our new album The Last Hero featuring "Show Me A Leader" and more is out now! Get it at one of the retailers below:




Google Play:

Best Buy:

Newbury Comics:

Thank you for all your support and enjoy the new music.




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bemexin's picture

I really like the new album guys. I read your interview on Music Radar which was pretty interesting. I think Crows on the Wire is one of the best, so I disagree with Elvis there. Also Twilight is a standout track for me, definitely notable. Great video and single choice for "Show Me a Leader". Thank you for co

Jvkross's picture

agreed paully73 its quite ridiculous that i preordered the album along with a poster and t-shirt and it says "processing".....  really?  when ive done this with other artists ive received my merch the day of or the day before the release!  Also im supposed to have a digital download available but i cant find it... no one seems to know how to get it... extremely dissapointed......  ridiculous...                       vcertypaid for a] \\\\\\\\

brandon_8-17's picture

I preordered in September, mine still says processing as well, VERY DISAPPOINTED. the rest of the world gets to enjoy the new music while those of us who bought straight from the bands website have to wait for what? I've never had this issue with any other preorder  from any other band. This is one of my favorite bands and i've been nothing but disappointed so far with this whole process

paully73's picture

Usually when you preorder an album it comes on the release date...I have 2 preorders in from months ago and they still say "processing "...this is extremely disappointing!