Happy to announce our NEW ALBUM “The Last Hero”, along with a first listen at our new single “Show Me A Leader”. Pre-order our new album today- http://smarturl.it/TheLastHero_Store and Internationally at http://shop.napalmrecords.com/AlterBridge. Listen and pre-order our album digitally at the following places:

Apple Music- http://smarturl.it/TheLastHero_iTunes
Spotify- http://smarturl.it/SMAL_Stream
Amazon- http://smarturl.it/TheLastHero_Amz
Google Play http://smarturl.it/TheLastHero_GP



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reefshark12's picture

Alter Bridge has been my favorite band since your first album, bar none. I've never been able to make it to a live show before, as I waited too long each tour hoping for a show to be scheduled somewhere in Western Canada. This tour - I'm driving or flying wherever I have to go to finally see you live!!! I'm from Calgary, Alberta, so I'm thinking that driving down for a hometown show for Myles in Coeur d'Alene would be amazing! If you come to Vancouver or Calgary I would be ecstatic too!

This year has been the most emotionally challenging of my life so far - two deaths in my family, the loss of a lifelong friendship, a spouse's unemployment and depression, and a life lost at work due to a mistake made. I feel like I'm finally finding myself again after months of depression, and even suicidal thoughts at times. "My Champion" has come to me at a moment when I truly needed to hear its message. I have listened to it so many times since its release, and I still find myself crying every time as I sing along. Thank you so much for the joy you've brought to my life all of these years, but words cannot express my gratitude for the hope and inspiration that "My Champion" has brought to me just when I needed. I will see you on tour!

terran_metal's picture

Australian fans cannot pre-order (and I assume purchase) this album on Google Play!?  We get a message saying it's not available in our country.  Please fix this asap!!